re-establishment-survey-morningtonA re-establishment survey determines the location of the title boundaries, documents and reports on any discrepancies affecting the guarantee of title. This survey will highlight the relationship between the true extent of title and the representation of the boundary, being the fencing or structures.


Reasons a re-establishment survey may be required are:

  • Fencing
  • Construction
  • Purchase or sale of land
  • Boundary disputes
  • Land management
  • Peace of mind


Being the only surveyors based in the scenic Mt Eliza Village we are perfectly placed to serve the Mornington Peninsula and the suburbs of Melbourne. Investment in property is often our most valued asset and as land prices increase, it is essential that you receive a professional service.


A Re-establishment survey can identify possible adverse possession claims and anomalies that significantly impact on the extent of land that exists within your title. A re-establishment survey is the only way to determine whether your fencing accurately represents your title boundaries.


All standard Contracts of Sale recommend that the boundaries be checked by a Licensed Surveyor to ensure that they accord with the purchases understanding of the title boundary. While this is often ignored, the unfortunate legacy that exists on some parcels of land can be identified by simply undertaking a re-establishment survey.


Our minimum service includes:

  • Survey marking (pegging) of the title boundaries as instructed by the client,
  • Plan supplied to the client showing survey marks placed and their relationship with relevant physical features such as fences and structures,
  • Licensed Surveyor’s Report noting any anomalies with the title boundaries,
  • Lodgement of a “Record of Having Re-established a Cadastral Boundary” as per the statutory requirements*.


*Please note: For a re-establishment survey a “Record of Having Re-established a Cadastral Boundary” is a legal requirement under the Surveying (Cadastral Survey) Regulations. Only Licensed Surveyors are legally able to perform re-establishment surveys.