rural-subdivisions-victoriaSome land development projects require consultants that have a unique skill set. Boutique developments require a focused and dedicated team of professionals with an attention to detail and an ability to envisage land development solutions that are anything but standard. Locally situated in the Village of Mt Eliza, we, at Charlton Degg, can proudly claim some of the premier boutique developments on the Mornington Peninsula amongst our experiences. Whether it be the coastal surrounds of Mt Eliza, Sorrento, Portsea or a unique infill development within the suburbs of Melbourne some projects do not fit the mould of traditional subdivisions. Working with challenging title surveys, specialised design solutions and unique land constraints is among the services confidently provided by our team.


This equally applies to rural subdivisions, as the preservation of the environment is often the focus of the project, council and the community. Areas such as Red Hill, Flinders and the surrounds are unique in their character and significant in their environmental qualities. We are committed to providing a positive and lasting impact, with our clients wishes fulfilled, the environment preserved and maintained and the community and neighbourhood enhanced.


Boutique developments and rural subdivisions require a focused and dedicated team of professionals. With a comprehensive experience in complex Owners Corporations, challenging building and design elements, a respect for the environment and experience with VCAT representations. We will add real value to your dream project.