infill-and-2-lot-subdivisions-morningtonInfill subdivisions are the most common land title development projects on the Mornington Peninsula and throughout Victoria. Two lot subdivisions, multi lot developments, unit developments and boundary re-alignments to name a few. While being common they are anything but standard to the client. Charlton Degg understands and respects the value these projects represent to their clients and provides them with the dedication and effort they deserve.


We pride ourselves on being able to assemble the complete team. From Town Planning, to the in-house services of Land Surveying, Engineering design and Project Management. We have the resources and the team to see the project through to completion, whilst working closely with our client to establish the desired project outcome.


Our services include:

  • Advice regarding development potential and constraints,
  • Acquiring survey information,
  • Production of plans complementing the planning application and representing the proposed development,
  • Providing costings and assessment of the planning permit conditions,
  • Production of Plans of Subdivisions and supporting documentation,
  • Design of the servicing infrastructure required for the development,
  • Construction tendering and works supervision,
  • Liaising with council and service authorities to achieve the required consents.


We have an intimate knowledge of the servicing and authority requirements and a comprehensive understanding of the statutory processes required to facilitate council compliance. Regardless of the size and location, we answer the questions you ask and provide the additional information that is critical to a successful project.


We pride ourselves on protecting our client’s needs.